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Jule D: Chronic Fatigue

Jule D Chronic FatigueI came to Waller Wellness Center about two years ago. My main issue was that I was tired all the time and had no energy. But after working with Dr. Waller and Mary, I have my energy back. At the age of 62 I just returned from a once in a life time 10 day moose hunt in Newfoundland, Canada. The days were long and grueling on a very rough terrain. Our days began with a 2 hour canoe ride and then a 4 hour walk through bogs and tangled tufts of grass and trees to the spot where we would need to start our hunt each day. At the end of the second day I shot my trophy moose and then the real work began.

We had to back pack out huge packs of meat on our backs weighing between 75-100 pounds each. First getting to the canoe for the 2 hour canoe trip and then the 4 hour walk to return to camp, all this along with the wind and rain beating against your bodies. This required much energy and great stamina to get back to camp.  Then after a wonderful dinner you turned in for a little sleep before you would be up before the sunrise to do it all over again. Two years ago I would never had been able to do this grueling of a trip. Thanks to all the people at Waller Wellness. They have returned me to good health, energy and I have regained my stamina. I would have never been able to do this trip of a lifetime without the care they have given me and their plan to return my body and mind back to health and wellness.

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