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Behavioral Health Services

At the Waller Wellness Center the medical services we offer are not conventional because, quite frankly, we believe there is a better way. With great respect for conventional medicine we believe we must practice medicine within our natural, science-based, alternative model to offer you a truly comprehensive life-changing experience. The same can be said about our psychological services.

As with conventional medicine, traditional types of psychological or mental health services play an important role in our society.  However, we hear some common complaints again and again: too much reliance on talking about problems; therapists that listen but have no input or interaction; and the lack of effective “therapy tools” to effectively resolve underlying problems and emotions.

At WWC we offer something different: innovative and effective psychological treatment that truly provides you the opportunity to change your life. These treatments seek to resolve and change key emotions, beliefs, and perceptions that lead to the stress, behavior, conflicts, and feelings that are troubling you. Those that use our services report that our therapy:

  • Helps them truly understand and resolve their problems
  • Quickly goes beyond the limits of conventional “talk therapy”
  • Moves them from negative emotional patterns to proactively addressing problems
  • Allows them to “self-treat” to move therapy along quicker
  • Improves the quality of their relationships and their lives

Treatment can be effective, responsive, and enriching. You will find our approach unlike anything you may be familiar with, yet it will feel natural and intuitive. You do not need to be limited by your struggles, suffering, or conflicts - there is an effective way out.