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Medical Weight Loss without Hunger


Obesity has become one of the most serious healthcare threats facing our nation.  As anyone struggling with this medical condition knows, obesity is highly resistant to conventional treatments such as dieting, appetite suppressants or the so-called “fat blocker” medications.  The long-term consequences of obesity are catastrophic in terms of individual quality of life and national healthcare costs. With over 40 chronic illnesses directly linked to obesity, finding a solution to this problem is critical.

The integrative approach to obesity provided by functional medicine offers the most successful model for weight loss and long-term maintenance without resorting to invasive bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

In fact, Phentermine has a double effect on reducing your weight. Firstly, the drug suppresses appetite, and you will eat much less than your usual diet, and also feel full for much longer than usual before you want to have a snack again. And secondly, it gives energy, strength and increases your activity. As a result, you will be more active, which, in turn, will additionally contribute to your weight loss.

Functional medicine does more than simply treat obesity.  Using the analytical and diagnostic framework provided by a functional medicine approach, Dr. Waller identifies the root cause of your weight problem and then creates an integrated treatment plan using a variety of treatment strategies to help you lose weight and adopt the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your weight loss.

What to expect from Medical Weight Loss

After a complete medical assessment including a thorough history, physical examination, and laboratory testing, Dr. Waller will provide a treatment plan to correct any metabolic issues contributing to your weight gain.  Depending on your specific weight loss goals, she may suggest treatment in a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) weight loss program to reach your goal weight followed by our First Line Therapy program to maintain your weight loss. In cases where significant weight loss is not required, First Line Therapy and correction of any underlying metabolic issues may be the treatment of choice.

Who can benefit from Medical Weight Loss?

If you struggle with weight loss, have been unsuccessful in non-medical weight loss programs, or seek an alternative to weight loss surgery, medical weight loss will be of benefit to you.

Medical weight loss using hCG can achieve between 3 and 5 pounds of fat loss per week while protecting you from loss of muscle mass and keeping your appetite under control.