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Xanax Use for the Therapy of Various Health Conditions

Except for being applied in the therapy of panic and anxiety disorders, Xanax is often used to deal with other health conditions.

Xanax – a single solution for different health problems

Xanax is one of the most often prescribed medications in the United States. It has Alprazolam as an active component and is commonly applied in patients with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorders. However, these are only some of Xanax possible uses. Doctors also often prescribe it to the patients suffering difficulties falling asleep, migraines, restless legs syndrome, and OCD.

How does Xanax work for migraines?

A number of studies and numerous patients’ reviews claim that Xanax works well for diminishing the severity of headache caused by refractory migraines and chronic tension-type headaches. Based on the results of the study published in The Journal of the Association of Physicians in India covering 62 patients with chronic tension-type headaches, Alprazolam didn’t change the frequency of headaches. However, the indexes of the headache severity got significantly lower in patients on Xanax compared to those on placebo. Another evidence of Xanax efficiency for refractory migraine headache is a case described in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. A woman with major depressive disorder and migraine headaches positively responded to Xanax. The effect of the drug was checked by lowering the dose, which consequently resulted in migraine reoccurrence.

Insomnia. Another task for Xanax

The choice of medicines for dealing with sleeping disorders is diverse. Benzodiazepines, which Xanax belongs to, are not commonly prescribed to people who have troubles falling asleep. However, this medication can be of great help to those who can’t get to sleep because of anxiety or restless leg syndrome. Xanax has a calming effect. It influences GABA receptors in the human brain thus slowing down the transition of the nerve signals between the body cells. As a result, a person feels relief and muscle relaxation. Such an action helps to decrease the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and promotes fast sleep. Yet, everything is not that simple. Xanax is a very potent remedy and its effect lasts for about 12 hours. Hence, if you don’t take the drug on a regular basis and hasn’t developed any tolerance to it yet, you are likely to feel “a hangover” next morning after you’ve taken the pill. You may be drowsy, tired, and apathetic, which are not the things you want to get after a night of sound sleep.

Xanax use in people with obsessive-compulsive disorder

The specificity of the obsessive-compulsive disorder is that people suffering with it are constantly anxious with something. Their obsessive thoughts make them follow some compulsive actions, which are more of a ritual as they help patients with OCD calm down. Xanax, as an anti-anxiety drug, is often prescribed in such cases. It diminishes anxiety and has a sedative effect thus working well for such individuals. The effectiveness of Xanax was described in a case study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. It has been revealed that Xanax reduces the obsessions and helps to get rid of the compulsions. However, the use of Xanax can be justified only in case other medicines turned out to be ineffective. High potential for abuse makes Xanax a drug that shouldn’t be prescribed without a clear need.

Managing panic disorder with Xanax

Xanax is one of the FDA approved medications to deal with the symptoms of panic disorder. The medication affects special chemicals in the brain (GABA receptors) inducing relaxation of the muscles and overall calming effect. Slowing down the processes in the central nervous system, Xanax helps patients with panic disorder to decrease agitation, slow down the heart rate, normalize the pulse, and lower the rate of anxiety. The drug works very fast. Hence, the symptoms can be eliminated in minutes. Unfortunately, because of the high habit-forming potential, Xanax intake possesses serious risks for people with a history of drug addiction and alcohol or substance abuse.