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First Line Therapy

Medical Weight Loss and Maintenance Program

First line Therapy is more than a weight loss and maintenance program. It deals with the fundamental problem that causes most weight loss and exercise programs to fail. Instead of focusing on weight loss alone, First Line Therapy helps you change your life to achieve good health and weight control that will last a lifetime.

First Line Therapy can be used alone to achieve better health and moderate weight loss, or it can be used to maintain substantial weight loss achieved with the hCG weight loss program.

How First Line Therapy Works to Achieve Weight Loss

At the heart of First Line Therapy is a comprehensive education and support program that teaches you simple steps to take control of your health and methods to assess, evaluate, and improve your health for the rest of your life.

Based in the most current medical research and developed to make change simple and sustainable, First Line Therapy goes beyond responding to symptoms to identifying and treating the underlying physical and behavioral causes of ill health.

Chronic health problems and weight improve significantly as you adopt lifestyle strategies that ensure you achieve and maintain optimal health.

More than Just Weight loss

  • Focuses on fat loss not simply weight loss
  • Uses body composition testing to ensure appropriate lean tissue ratios are maintained
  • Maintains lean muscle mass to assist with burning calories
  • Identifies and treats lifestyle and behavioral factors that result in weight gain

Eat the Right Food not Less Food

  • Incorporates low-glycemic-index eating plan to stabilize blood sugar and maintain energy levels
  • Frequent meals of the right kinds of food
  • Stabilized blood sugars result in less feelings of hunger and easier adherence to the eating plan

Medical Foods and Supplements

  • Increased effectiveness using complete nutrition formulas to enhance weight loss and optimize health
  • Supplements support specific metabolic functions for improved health while losing weight

First Line Therapy has helped thousands of people regain their health and live fuller, more vibrant lives and it can work for you. Take the first steps to better health today.