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Drug Name: Klonopin (Generic)
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The main substance in the drug Klonopin is a component of clonazepam, which belongs to benzodiazepines. The drug acts depressingly on many areas of the central nervous system, which are mainly responsible for emotional activity.

Instructions for use Klonopin describes as a sedative, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant, which has a pronounced hypnotic effect and lowers muscle tone. The drug helps to increase the convulsive threshold and prevents the development of convulsive seizures of a generalized nature.

Indications for use

The drug Klonopin is used not only in monotherapy, but also effectively combined with other medications to eliminate myoclonic and akinetic seizures, as well as the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

According to the data of the conducted studies, already for 3 months of taking Klonopin, a third of patients experienced a decrease in the number of seizures accompanied by convulsions.


Before starting treatment, you should carefully read the instructions for use of Klonopin and familiarize yourself with all available contraindications. These include the following states:

  • severe respiratory failure;
  • liver failure;
  • acute porphyria;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • sleep apnea syndrome (night);
  • alcohol intoxication.

Dosage of the drug

It is worth noting that self-medication with Klonopin is unacceptable. All appointments should be made by a doctor after a thorough examination and study of the patient's history.

Dosage for adults

The daily dose is 1.5 mg, and it must be divided into three doses after the same amount of time. Every three days the dose is increased by 0.5-1 milligram. As a result, the maintenance dose indicator can reach 4-8 mg per day. The maximum therapeutic dose after a month of treatment can be 20 milligrams.

Dosage for children

Children aged 6-16 years are shown 0.5 mg of the drug per day. The maintenance dose is 2 to 4 milligrams. The daily amount of the drug should also be divided into 3-4 doses.

Dosage for the elderly

Since elderly people are hypersensitive to drugs that affect the central nervous system, the dosage for them should be gentle - no more than 0.5 milligrams of the drug per day.

Mode of application

Klonopin tablets are taken orally and washed down with water. If for some reason it is not possible to divide the daily dose of the drug into three doses, then a larger amount is recommended to be taken at bedtime. Once the efficacy of the maintenance dose is reached, the daily allowance of Klonopin can be taken once at bedtime.

Duration of treatment

The duration of therapy is prescribed only by the doctor, it may differ for each patient. However, it is impossible to abruptly stop taking the medication - you should reduce its doses gradually, which is also controlled exclusively by the doctor. Moreover, the daily amount of the drug is reduced by 0.125 milligrams twice a day every three days. The main thing is to strictly follow the doctor's instructions.


When using Klonopin tablets, the presence of possible effects that may occur during treatment should be taken into account.


You may notice that after 2-3 weeks of taking the drug, its effectiveness begins to decline.

If you take Klonopin for a long time, this can provoke physical and mental dependence on it. The risk of developing such an addiction increases with an increase in the dosage of Klonopin. Also, drug, drug or alcohol addiction in a patient plays a big role here.