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Tramadol is a drug, addictive in high doses and after the first reception. Its constant use leads to irreversible destruction of the body and psyche.

It is impossible to say definitely that Tramadol is an addictive substance. The main active substance refers to potent drugs. Developed as a synthetic analog of opioid painkillers, it was originally prescribed to patients in the last stages of cancer suffering from pain.

However, experts are convinced that Tramadol is a drug, since, in fact, it is an artificially synthesized analog of opium. Oral capsules, ampoules, and candles are gradually withdrawn from circulation or sold strictly by prescription, despite the recognized effect of an analgesic. At the slightest excess of the dosage indicated by the doctor, Tramadol causes dependence. The degree of impact is the second after trimethylpentene.

The history of the emergence and use in medicine

Tramadol appeared in the early 60s of the twentieth century. In 1962, the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal developed drug Tramadol. Because of the little-known safe dose of the drug, it was difficult to choose one. This led to frequent overdoses and the fact that the narcotic effect when taken became noticeable.

Sales of the drug have multiplied, and during the "epidemic" of overdose died about 350 million people. In the early 60s, every day encountered up to 25 thousand calls to an ambulance, but managed to help less than a third of patients. Today Tramadol and Tramal claim the lives of 10-15 people every minute. There are more than 120 million people dependent on it worldwide.

Now the drug is produced and sold under the strict control of the authorities. Each country independently decides whether to consider Tramadol a drug or not. Sweden and some other countries sell Tramadol on standard medical prescriptions.

Composition, mechanism of action and effect

So, Tramadol — what is it? The drug is a synthesized opiate. Tramal is often replaced by heroin. Addiction and drug overdose on the negative effect comparable to opium, so the question "Tramadol is a drug, isn't it," have an affirmative answer. The exception is taking the drug exactly as intended (for example, in palliative therapy).

The active substance of Tramadol, when entered into the systemic circulation, acts as an analgesic, blocking the transmission of pain impulses. The patient feels better within 20 minutes after taking the drug in the form of pills/capsules. Relief is felt by patients taking Tramadol. The drug affects the central nervous system when exceeding the dosage, causing:

  • inhibition of reactions;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • heart palpitations;
  • dizziness, and so on.

As a drug, Tramadol is usually presented in pills and capsules. Solutions for injection are used mainly for the manufacture of concentrated drug in liquid form in artisanal conditions. The effect of drug addicts feels in 1-5 minutes after taking it. Euphoric state, similar to the effect of "ecstasy", lasts up to 36 hours. It is accompanied by an unnatural emotional susceptibility and sympathy for all people, a surge of strength and looseness.  Both Tramadol and Tramal contribute to the curative effect, and there is no difference between them for drug addicts as the drugs are considered mild. The punishment for them is much milder than for other types of drug drugs.


The addiction that Tramadol causes — what is it? The mechanism "starts" after one or two days after taking a "non-medical" dose of the drug (7-8 capsules), when its effect comes to naught. People suffer from nightmares, afraid to be alone. They have hallucinations, which cause them to take another dose. As the addictive time of the drug decreases, the place of euphoria is occupied by paranoid and manic states. That's what Tramadol is, and the psychological effect is not its only side effect.