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Vitamin C Therapy: A Tool for Cancer Treatment

Most of us know that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy balance, our bodies relies on a complex combination of critical nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. And most of us also know that large doses of specific vitamins can help us battle common illnesses.  For instance, taking larger doses of vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system to ward off the common cold.

But what most people don’t know is that, taken at the right dose, some vitamins and minerals can help the body fight off even more serious medical conditions and diseases, like cancer.

Vitamin C and Cancer

Multiple studies have underscored the vital role vitamin C plays in strengthening the immune system. But more recent studies have demonstrated that, as a vitamin for cancer treatment, vitamin C may hold significant promise. The key lies in giving mega-high doses of the vitamin, thousands and thousands of times the dose found in a daily supplement. And the way to administer such high doses is with IV vitamin C, or vitamin C infusion therapy.

Here’s how it works:

Cancer patients have unusually low levels of vitamin C. That’s because the cancer cells absorb the vitamin at high levels to complete their metabolic and proliferation processes. Researchers also learned that when it comes to vitamin C, cancer cells are gluttons: they’ll absorb about as much as is available. As these cancer cells absorb higher and higher levels of the vitamin, hydrogen peroxide builds up in the cell. Over time, hydrogen peroxide levels build until they begin dissolving the cell from the inside out.

Doesn’t that mean a high-dose vitamin C infusion would be toxic to other cells? No, and here’s why: Compared to other cells, cancer cells have lower levels of an antioxidant called catalase. In healthy cells, catalase prevents the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide buildup. Cancer cells don’t have that built-in protection, plus they absorb far more vitamin C than other cells. So healthy cells stay healthy and cancer cells have problems with the hydrogen peroxide buildup.

Learn more

At Waller Wellness Center, Dr. Catherine Waller offers vitamin C infusion therapy for cancer patients throughout the Greater Detroit area, helping them strengthen their immune systems and providing the nutritional support their bodies need to naturally fight the disease. As an adjunct to other types of cancer treatment, IV vitamin C may work to help prevent some of the side effects of those treatments so you feel better. If you’d like to learn more about vitamin C infusion, call the center to learn how we can help you.

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