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Drug Name: Malegra (FXT-DXT)
Tablet Strength: 130mg-140mg
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Malegra: Drug that Solves Male Problems

Nowadays modern men have a lot of undesirable problems connected with erection. It is not surprising because our world and living conditions have changed. Problems concerning erectile dysfunction are always very serious. Men become very embarrassed when such things appear in their lives, because they cannot enjoy their existence fully. However, Malegra, a new effective remedy for men, will solve these problems!

Description of the Drug

The new drug Malegra FXT, developed by a popular pharmaceutical company El Lilly, contains two active medical ingredients simultaneously: sildenafil citrate (which is the main component of the well-known Viagra) in a dosage of 100 mg and 40 mg fluoxetine, which contributes to prolongation of a sexual intercourse and prevention of premature ejaculation.

Sildenafil promotes the flow of blood to the penis, stimulating smooth muscles of a cavenous body of the penis with nitrogen oxides, which causes a good permanent erection. Fluoxetine is an effective selective inhibitor and is used as an effective remedy for premature ejaculation.

Usage of these two components significantly improves the quality of sexual intercourse, increases its duration and, in general, makes satisfaction bigger.

Indications for Use

Malegra pills are created for men who have reached adulthood, experiencing problems of erectile dysfunction or the problem of rapid termination of intercourse (premature ejaculation), or both listed ailments.

Malegra should be taken with water and it is recommended to use it a half an hour before the alleged sexual contact. The effective pills act only if there is sexual stimulation. It is advised to use 1 pill of Malegra a day. In some exceptional cases, the attending physician may change the dose. The drug can be taken at any time; and its effect does not depend on the time of eating.

The drug showed its effectiveness in the study group of patients from 18 to 85 years old. It does not cause habituation and does not affect the childbearing function and the state of spermatozoa. Pills are released in blisters and placed in an opaque package. It is recommended to store them at room temperature. There are no special instructions for taking the drug for older people, however, it shouldn't be given to children! Shelf life is indicated on the package.

Interaction of Malegra with Other Medical Products

It is contraindicated to take Malegra with medicines containing nitrates of any form, nitrogen donators, beta-blockers. Simultaneous use of Malegra with antibiotics and medications containing tryptophan, phenytoin and lithium is not recommended.


Malegra is contraindicated for patients suffering from:

  • Heart attack and stroke (if you have had them during the last six months);
  • Severe myeloma, leukemia;
  • Pigment retinitis and glaucoma;
  • Stenocardia;
  • Atony of the bladder;
  • Serious forms of impaired kidney or liver function;
  • Severe hypoplasia of the prostate;
  • Strong convulsive syndrome.

If you have identified hypersensitivity to any component of Malegra, doctor's consultation is obligatory before taking the drug.

Side Effects

Clinical trials showed no serious side effects, however, after taking this remedy patients may rarely experience such side effects as:

  • Headache;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Fatigue;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Redness of the face.

If you have any of these symptoms, stop taking Malegra and consult your doctor.