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Are undiagnosed food allergies keeping you from losing weight?

Having difficulty losing weight no matter what you try? There could be a logical reason why, and individualized functional medicine testing can help you get to the heart of what might be the culprit.

Are food allergies causing you to keep the weight on?

People hold onto unnecessary weight for many reasons. Most of those reasons end up being related; emotional triggers, genetic predisposition and immunological concerns. Immunological concerns are primarily food allergies. Millions of Americans are suffering from yet-to-be diagnosed food allergies and food sensitivities. Of those, allergies to wheat, gluten, corn, soy and dairy are the most commonly known food allergies in the United States. Functional medicine can tell us about those foods specifically and identify many more potentially obscure sources.

Functional medicine, an essential part of individualized weight loss

Some of us may be allergic to certain herbs, vegetables, fruits, meats and grains that are causing our immune systems to act against us. When we continue to eat foods we’re allergic to, the body has no choice but to respond by secreting excessive amounts of insulin, cortisol and other neuro-hormones that influence how we gain weight. This is an adaptive mechanism; our bodies think they need to protect us.

Going the extra mile with functional medicine

While you may not show a positive skin response to certain foods upon skin prick testing, immunological testing can determine if you possess a predisposition to developing certain food allergies. These tests can be invaluable when food allergy testing shows unremarkable results in the face of ongoing difficulty losing weight.

At Waller Wellness we work with our patients to understand what lifestyle factors may be influencing their positive response to weight loss. Diagnosing potential food allergies could be what’s standing between you and a healthy weight. Food sensitivities can get in the way of weight loss by causing inflammation, and that can result in achy joints and muscles, reducing your ability to exercise. Food allergies can also rob you of your ability to absorb nutrients properly, interfering with your ability to make energy from food. Once diagnosed, many patients feel relief at being able to understand the sources of their chronic fatigue, soreness and overall inability to lose weight.

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