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Debbie Cousens: Iodine Deficiency

Debbie Cousens, 49, of Clarkston. Mother of one.

At age 42, I started losing weight, shaking and was out of breath a lot. I had to stop jogging and I became incontinent. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was told the only treatments were drugs and radiation. I took the medication, but it made me sleepy and I gained more weight than when I was pregnant. I eventually stopped taking the medication, because I couldn’t stand the side effects, and my symptoms came back.

It was horrible and embarrassing. I was so disgusted with the way I felt, looked and everything.

When I found Dr. Waller, she listened and suggested an iodine replacement. That was never an option presented to me by these endocrinologists. Within three months, I had lost some of the weight and had no symptoms. It blew me away, because for all those years, I felt like I was constantly overmedicated. She also determined that my digestive problems were caused by a magnesium deficiency.

I’m an advocate of hers. She’s really easy to talk to, and the money is well worth it.

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