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Daniel Drahnak: Chronic Fatigue

After consulting a number of allergists, general practitioners, internists, and nutritionists during the years of 2007 to 2010, I was either told there was nothing wrong with me or given ineffective treatments for my symptoms of chronic fatigue, upper respiratory infections, and hair loss. Despite the extensive medical knowledge of these medical practitioners, I was still sleeping 9-10 hrs a night and always tired. I still caught every cold and flu of the season and always felt sick even when I wasn’t coughing or blowing my nose. And I still had a large patch of hair missing from the back of my head.

Frustrated and completely without hope, I was referred to Dr. Waller by a family friend. After the first visit, I was diagnosed with hyper-permeable intestinal disorder (Leaky Gut). The diagnosis seemed right, but I was certainly skeptical at the time given my past history with other doctors. I was hopeful, however, because Dr. Waller’s diagnosis was backed up by extensive blood testing and her treatment included a novel concept - treating the cause of the illness instead of my symptoms. It also included a radical lifestyle change that included abstaining from all dairy, wheat, corn, rice, and other foods to which I had developed an allergic reaction. Large quantities of costly supplements and IV infusions were also part of my treatment plan, but the most important ingredient of my treatment was patience. Dr. Waller did not promise that I would get well in a week or a month or even 6 months, but she did say that any results would be the product of my commitment to following her treatment plan.

After three months I saw little results, but was encouraged by Dr. Waller and her staff to stay the course. After six months, I saw more results but still had debilitating bouts of fatigue and sickness. After a year, however, I noticed that I hadn’t missed a day of work due to illness the entire winter. I also noticed that I was sleeping 7 hrs a night and feeling spry during the day. It had taken over a year of assiduously adhering to Dr. Waller’s treatment plan. It was difficult, but I never once deviated from her plan.

Today I enjoy a priceless level of health and vitality that I’ve never known before and didn’t ever think possible.


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  • Marianne Ferriby says:

    Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your story. I am six months into my leaky gut “cure” and am hoping that a good night’s sleep is on the horizon.

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