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Annette Techow: Adrenal Fatigue

Annette Techow, 47, of Waterford. Stepmother of two.

I was always energetic, but in December 2005 I gave blood and I couldn’t get out of bed for three months afterward. I was so weak and tired. And I noticed I was becoming intolerant of people and was angry all the time.

I did some reading and tried to locate a doctor who could help me, but most of them didn’t even call me back. Dr. Waller took the time to answer my questions. She’s a totally different doctor. She goes over test results and explains everything. I learned I had adrenal fatigue and after I started taking the supplements she prescribed, I felt better right away.

My husband goes to her now, too. I admire that she doesn’t give either one of us solutions that are going to cause us more problems. She’s allowed me to enjoy my life, because I’m not so wound up anymore. I can relax and breathe.

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