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Rhonda H: Improved Wellness

How Waller Wellness Changed My Life

My journey to Waller Wellness was long, frustrating and tumultuous!  I was sick for almost a decade.  As I was approaching my 40’s, I began gaining weight inexplicably; feeling exceptionally exhausted and having debilitating joint pain.  There were many days that I would sleep for over 15 hours and still be utterly exhausted.  Getting out of bed was a fight.  I only did it because I was a single mother of a special needs child and I had to go to work.  When I eventually was able to get out of bed, the pain was almost unbearable.  Walking was slow but standing or sitting was worse!  I went to my family doctor and he put me on strong pain pills.  They slowed me down and did nothing for the pain.  Next, he sent me to a specialist to determine if I had Fibromyalgia.  I wasn’t classic Fibro, but the doc decided to give me the diagnosis and more pills.  They didn’t help either.  But investigating Fibro online led me to some literature that discussed how what we eat affects our health and inflammation.  That information led me to a 9 year journey of self-advocating for my care.  I saw dozens more specialists, traveling throughout the state to the best known facilities – all looking for someone to help me!  I was told that I was getting older and would have to live with my symptoms; that I was fat and that’s what was causing my joint pain and fatigue.  Even after telling them that I had hired a nutritionist and personal trainer and nothing was helping the weight come off, they said that it was simple math – calories in/calories out!  I was even told that I was depressed and had low self-esteem and should seek psychiatric help!  I had officially gotten a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s at this point but the Endocrinology specialist at U of M told me that the only thing to do was wait for my body to kill my thyroid and then take it out.  He’d see me again in a year!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!  In total desperation, fearing I would finally lose my job because I was always late, could hardly work a full day and my memory and “brain fog” issues made the quality of my work suffer, I turned to FaceBook and put out a plea for anyone that might know of a doctor that could help me.  A friend introduced me to the concept of Functional Medical doctors and after some surfing, I found Waller Wellness and within 48 hours of that FaceBook plea, I had an appt that would change my life.

From the preparation paperwork for my appt, I knew this place was different.  Pages and pages of background info on items that I couldn’t imagine would have a difference but I was so excited that someone cared enough to ask and dig for the truth.  From my first meeting with Mary, I knew I was home!  She actually listened to me, my problems, fears, concerns and frustrations.  She ordered so many blood tests that I drew a crowd at my local hospital because no one patient had ever had so many vials pulled in one appt!  When I went to my follow-up, she was so thorough and encouraging.  Yes, I was a mess but there was hope!  She knew what to do and wouldn’t give up until I FELT good.  Not just until my numbers were better, but until I FELT good.  I can’t describe the pure joy I felt in hearing that.  And she’s kept her word!  It’s not been easy – I’ve had to completely revamp my diet – but it’s been worth it.  I have to drive over 2 hours to see her and self-pay and file with my insurance but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have a long way to go, but it’s a journey.  She’s not just telling me what to do but why it makes a difference and educating me on my body and my health.  I feel like she’s my partner in my journey to health, not just my doctor.  She’s available between appts for questions and tweaks when things aren’t feeling right.  The knowledge that she has is invaluable.  The office staff is also very professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and fun!  I know I can switch my appts to virtual phone appts to save me the drive, but I appreciate the interaction and pure joy she shares with me as I overcome a challenge or hurdle.

My life will never be the same and I’m grateful!  All my friends & family are saying how great I look (I’ve lost 32 pounds in 6 months) and that my skin, eyes and demeanor all shine!  They ask me my secret and I tell them Waller Wellness!!!

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