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Tanya K: Increased Wellness

I started my journey with the Waller Wellness Center late 2013. I had seemed to be falling apart in the prime of my life and traditional doctors dismissed my concerns or just couldn’t help me. That is when my sister turned me on to functional medicine.  After researching a handful of practices, we felt like the Waller Wellness center was the best fit for me. I had a variety of symptoms, but the worst of it was excessive tiredness, weight gain, panic attacks, hot flashes and just overall felt miserable most days.  As a senior person in my company, I couldn’t even focus on my work. That all started to change for the better when my thyroid and hormones were tracked, monitored and adjusted over time.

Today, I am in maintenance mode, proactively monitoring my changes and making slight adjustments along the way. I am back to my active self, and just recently finished my first Detroit News Free Press Half Marathon! I trained in less than 90 days! In addition, I enjoy biking and playing competitive racquetball.  While some are miserable going through the change of life, I am embracing it and looking forward to new challenges and fun! My advice, stick with it, stay the course, follow the guidance, do the work and you will see the rewards.  Special thank you to Mary Wilson, Nurse Practitioner who has been a partner in my journey!

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