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Renee: Hashimoto’s Syndrome

“Firstly, you can’t put a price on health. Secondly, insurance companies try to make money off your bad health. Thirdly, Dr. Waller’s wellness center is the only Dr’s office I’ve gone where I felt the cost for getting better was worth paying for it because I actually got better.

In my experience: The front desk is courteous, prompt and consistent. The diagnostic work is the best at finding your actual ailment. They can actually tell you the real root cause of your ailments (not always easy to hear but they take care in breaking the news). And the treatment is the only kind that will heal your body without causing more ailments.

My story goes… I had hormone issues since puberty hit. I was able to cope with symptoms till after my first pregnancy. Challenging menstrual cycles became only one of a laundry list of life altering symptoms after my son came. The worst was I wasn’t even thirty and I was suffering menopausal symptoms.

I’ve had no benefits from going to the Dr’s offices covered by insurance and a lucky referral led my to the Waller Wellness Center.  After my second visit I had an in depth diagnosis of my conditions, mainly Hashimoto’s Syndrome and a hormone imbalance. And I also had a treatment plan to follow to correct the problems.

Now only a year since going to the office my symptoms are gone and I’m not menopausal anymore. In fact I’m four months pregnant with my second child! And added bonus I can continue my treatment while pregnant because it’s so safe.

So thank you Dr. Waller, Mary Wilson, and everyone else that helps to run a new aged medical facility that works for the patients!”

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