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Thomas G: Increased Wellness

For the last ten years I have endured/suffered with brain fog, fatigue, anxiousness, sensitivity to light and heat, balance issues, panic attacks, IBS, sweating, and more. I felt “emotionally drained”—not depressed. I could not exercise as that made things worse and the debilitating brain fog and profuse sweating prevented me from living life. I was under 40 and felt like I was 80. I had kids and a beautiful wife that I could not and did not enjoy!

I saw every doctor imaginable including my Primary Care, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Infectious Disease, Neurologist, and many others. Needless to say, after numerous visits and hundreds of “tests”, I received the “diagnosis of the day”. I tried numerous treatments/prescriptions which only seemed to make matters worse. I was diagnosed with CFS, Mitral Valve Prolapse, hypothyroidism, anxiety, stress, and many more. I quickly realized each doctor only looks at one thing—the area they were trained in. After seven years of visiting doctors without any improvement—I actually felt worse—I was on a mission to find the cause of my “problems” …I was not going to just treat the symptoms.

After years of receiving hundreds of prescriptions and not seeing any improvement from the “standard medical community,” I found Dr. Waller. Dr. Waller was different. She listened to me and treated me like a person, not a patient. She ordered a comprehensive panel of testing including hormones, allergy, and vitamin/mineral levels. Although skeptical at first, I quickly became a believer. Over the course of the next year I slowly gained back my energy and cured the IBS I had suffered with my entire life. My anxiety level dropped from a 9 down to a normal level and I started to feel “normal” again. I now run 4 miles a day on the treadmill, travel the world with my family, and love life. My energy has increased immensely and as my wife says “I am a different person”. I now enjoy life, value my children, and no longer suffer from the aforementioned issues. Thanks Dr. Waller!

Thomas G.

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