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Stephanie V: Improved Wellness

Dear Dr. Catherine Waller,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your center for giving me my life back. As we all know, life is full of highs and lows. I don’t believe I could have gotten any lower, my health failing, massive depression, poor eating habits, and back pain that was crippling. My next step was to grab another drink and close the door.

And then I ran across an angel by the name of Peggy Smith. Through her patience and guidance, she led me to Waller Wellness Center.

That is when I met Mary Wilson, who again was so kind and patient. Gently she guided me in the right direction and somehow knew that anything aggressive would’ve overwhelmed me at that point in my life. I met with her 4 times and each time my life moved in the direction of wellness.

She introduced me to Sharon Meyer and I was finally in a place to start the HCG diet. What a blessing; I have lost 30+ pounds on the first round, and started my second round the first of March. I am pleased to say my mind and heart are in tune with each other thanks to superb directions and counseling.

I no longer take any of my numerous narcotics for my back, and I believe with all my heart had I not found your center and staff, I would have been diagnosed a diabetic and prescribed more medication to treat another one of my symptoms.

I am so proud to say I am on top of the world. I feel there is nothing I can’t do. I can even touch my toes again, which I have not done since I was a kid.

I am a happy, healthy, walking testimonial for Waller Wellness Center. The thing that is so amazing is I have never, ever felt this full and happy. You have literally healed my whole body. Everything has changed; my friends see me and can’t believe this person was on the inside.

My deepest thanks to all that work there, each and every staff member has been a part of my healing. There is no dollar amount I could put on what happened to me. It goes so much farther than my wildest dreams. “Life changing” barely sums it up.

My deepest, most sincere thanks,
Stephanie VanDale

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