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Cindy B: Improved Wellness

A good friend told me about Catherine Waller and her functional medicine approach to healing. I was dealing with a lot of issues but my main reason for becoming a patient was Dr. Waller’s reputation with hormone issues. I have a genetically inherited systemic disease that messes up ALL hormone levels and functions which has widespread effects all over the body. I was concerned about the expense and I was not familiar with functional medicine but I had had little or no successful treatment from other doctors, so based on my friend’s recommendation I decided to give Dr. Waller a try.

First there was a lot of testing unlike any I had had done before including a saliva hormone test, blood tests, and heavy metals tests. These tests took several weeks. Afterward I met with the doctor for over an hour going over the results of the testing. Many things were revealed. The doctor then prescribed a list of supplements and ultrasound testing prior to biologic hormone treatment. She also prescribed a session with a nutritionist to establish a therapeutic diet. She said the sum of all these things would make me feel much better and lose weight. That last part surprised me because losing weight had not been one of the reasons I came to the center.

I appreciated Dr. Waller’s scientific approach which included very detailed testing to establish a baseline and determine treatment. Follow-up blood testing after a couple of months was used to evaluate progress and adjust treatment. I currently have blood tests about every 3 months and then follow up with a visit with Dr. Waller. I now have great respect for and understanding of the functional medicine approach to healing. This approach was not just hope you feel better but analysis and treatment by the numbers. This made me feel better about the cost too because treatment was based on science and measurable.

I have been overwhelmed by the results many of which I never dreamed were possible for me. Dr. Waller was right about the weight loss. I have lost 33 pounds in about 10 months. I have more energy.  My gum disease is in remission and for the first time in 40 some years my gums do not bleed during the night or when I brush or have my teeth cleaned. My feet and lower legs which had been swelling TERRIBLY for many years are now normal size and do not ache. My hair has been growing thicker and noticeably longer. My hair has NOT been growing for many years. My last haircut, which was just a trimming of the ends, was 8 years ago. I was afraid to get it cut because it didn’t grow. My psoriasis was reduced to a tiny area behind my ears and is now gone. I have had no roseasia break outs. The black toenail fungus spot under the nail of one big toe is completely gone. I had had that for at least 3 years. My hypoglycemia which I have had for 35 years is completely gone. I can go 6 hours without eating and not have a blood sugar attack. I was taking 11 pills a day for high blood pressure. I now take only 1 pill a day and do not have spikes or dips. I have even gone 3 days with no medication and readings under 140. It really is a different world for me and it is a lot healthier. I feel so much better and people tell me I look healthy and younger.

The cost has been significant and the change in diet has been challenging but seeing all the results after years of chronic conditions that had no hope of improving has made me a believer. It has been money and effort well invested.

I would recommend the center to anyone who has been frustrated by going from doctor to doctor with little if any improvement. Dr. Waller could really improve your overall health and so improve your life.

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