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Why Avocado?

Posted: Aug 30 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Are you confused by the trend at all? Avocados are everywhere, from salads to burgers, and they seem to be talked about almost as often as they are put on the menu—but why? Well, when you break down the health benefits of the avocado you may not be surprised as to why they are considered such a favorite superfood. [Read more]

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The Power of Probiotics

Posted: Aug 24 in Functional Medicine by

Probiotics are one of those trendy health terms that everyone likes to talk about, but not many people understand. Chances are you’ve heard the word thrown around commercials that are advertising a new snack or yogurt that is packed with probiotics. Maybe you’ve even seen it on a food label or two, or have even been lured to make a purchase because the item promised it would bring you the benefits of probiotics. [Read more]

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A Holistic Approach to Better Skin Care

Posted: Aug 17 in Health and Aging by

What is the best way to give your skin that all-natural glow? If you ask someone in the cosmetic industry they will load you up with products that will bring out the very best in your skin while covering up every square inch. For just a couple hundred dollars you can have that all natural look that will make anyone believe you are make-up free. Sounds a bit backwards, doesn’t it? [Read more]

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A Healthy Gut is a Happy Gut

Posted: Aug 08 in Functional Medicine by

The television commercials would have you believing that digestive discomfort is as normal as anything. Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea—there is even a jingle to make the thoughts of such unpleasant symptoms not sound so horrible. Jokes about passing gas, having to run to the bathroom after every meal, feeling discomfort day in and out and popping pills so that you can still manage to down your favorite foods, this is the normal day to day for millions of Americans. But it doesn’t have to be that way. [Read more]

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Properly Addressing Autoimmune Disease

Posted: Jul 28 in Health and Aging by

Autoimmune disease is a genetic subclass of chronic disease that directly impacts the immune system. Depending on the type of autoimmune disease that one is afflicted with, the immune system is either over-stimulated or under-stimulated. For some, this means that the immune system will attack the body during normal functioning, damaging its own tissues and causing destruction within the body that is quite painful. For others, it means that the body is subject to immune deficiency, exposing it to increased risk for disease as the immune system is left unable to fight off invaders, leaving you vulnerable to infections. [Read more]

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The Right Wellness Program for You

Posted: Jul 21 in Weight Loss by

Weight loss is a personal process. Just as you gained weight slowly and for a wide variety of reasons, the right way to lose weight takes time and depends much on your mental health, time management, and willingness to adjust to certain dietary restrictions. [Read more]

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Anti-Aging Vitamins: Myth or Reality?

Posted: Jul 14 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

There are many wonderful aspects of growing older and staying in good health. With increased age comes experience, wisdom, and usually the financial security and time to enjoy some of the things you missed during your younger years. [Read more]

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Vegetables: Fresh or Frozen?

Posted: Jul 12 in Weight Loss by

Is a fresh veggie the same as a frozen veggie? Does the trip to the farmer’s market really make all the difference? These are questions that many a health advocate has asked themselves at least once. While it is convenient to have a freezer full of veggies that you know won’t go bad, the question remains whether those frozen vegetables are really going to give you the same nutrient boost as a freshly picked equivalent. [Read more]

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The Best Ways to Manage Stress

Posted: Jun 14 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Stress is pervasive. It effects absolutely everyone, knowing no boundaries. While a small amount of stress can actually motivate you to take positive action in your life, too much stress can weigh on you like an illness. In fact, stress does contribute to several types of mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression. And if left unaddressed, too much stress can actually cause physical health concerns, even increasing your risk for heart disease. [Read more]

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How to Make Any Day Amazing

Posted: Jun 08 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Isn’t it wonderful when you wake up with that feeling of everything going your way? The alarm doesn’t startle you awake, the sun isn’t glaring in your eyes, your morning coffee is just as you like it and your clothes don’t have a wrinkle in sight. If every morning went smoothly it would be easy to keep a positive attitude day after day. Unfortunately, most of our mornings are going to hit little pitfalls, whether it be traffic or an argument with a coworker. This is no reason to let your day spiral out of control! Focusing on the little positives in your life can help you make every day feel a little bit more amazing. [Read more]

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