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Weight Loss

The Best Ways to Manage Stress

Posted: Jun 14 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Stress is pervasive. It effects absolutely everyone, knowing no boundaries. While a small amount of stress can actually motivate you to take positive action in your life, too much stress can weigh on you like an illness. In fact, stress does contribute to several types of mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression. And if left unaddressed, too much stress can actually cause physical health concerns, even increasing your risk for heart disease. [Read more]

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How to Make Any Day Amazing

Posted: Jun 08 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Isn’t it wonderful when you wake up with that feeling of everything going your way? The alarm doesn’t startle you awake, the sun isn’t glaring in your eyes, your morning coffee is just as you like it and your clothes don’t have a wrinkle in sight. If every morning went smoothly it would be easy to keep a positive attitude day after day. Unfortunately, most of our mornings are going to hit little pitfalls, whether it be traffic or an argument with a coworker. This is no reason to let your day spiral out of control! Focusing on the little positives in your life can help you make every day feel a little bit more amazing. [Read more]

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Staying Motivated through it All

Posted: May 25 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

It isn’t always easy to stay motivated. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect them—not to mention are least prepared for them. When you are participating in any sort of wellness program, either an anti-aging program or weight loss program, keeping your motivation level up is important. [Read more]

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Is it Possible to Reverse Autoimmune Disease?

Posted: May 18 in Health and Aging by

Autoimmune disease is a chronic disorder that disrupts the immune system, causing inflammation throughout the body. More than 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disorders, which include diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s Disease, and Celiac Disease. [Read more]

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What Are Processed Foods?

Posted: Apr 08 in Weight Loss by

Processed foods refer to any type of food that has been altered in some way from its original state. When you are trying to lose weight, or improve your diet for any variety of other health reasons, then it is sometimes recommended to cut back on processed food intake. While the biggest problems in the processed food world might be rather obvious (frozen pizzas, hot pockets and canned raviolis might come to mind), these are hardly the only examples of processed foods that are sneaking their way into your diet. [Read more]

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Just Like Riding a Bike

Posted: Mar 30 in Weight Loss by

Riding your bike is one of the most favorite pass-times of children across the world. There is something about learning how to put those pedals to work and feeling the air in your face as you glide down the street that is absolutely intoxicating for anyone under the age of 12. [Read more]

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Getting Motivated for the Long-Run

Posted: Mar 23 in Weight Loss by

It is often said that the first step is the most difficult, but when it comes to losing weight this is only partially true. Getting started with a weight loss program does take a leap of faith, and for some people it is this first step that takes the longest and requires the most courage, but once you get going on your weight loss program you need to keep your motivation level up, otherwise you can easily fall off track and never make it to your end goal. [Read more]

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Fibro Fog: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Posted: Mar 18 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Everyone knows what it is like to be tired—to feel so worn out that you barely feel like yourself. There are long days, short nights and long to-do lists that will push your energy level to the limits, and the result of this is days that are filled with fatigue. But for some people this experience of mind-numbing fatigue isn’t a once-in-a-while thing, it is an everyday thing. [Read more]

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