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Learning Your Healthy Weight

Posted: Oct 11 in Weight Loss by

When you started your medical weight loss program you probably had a particular goal weight in mind. However, the goal weight you wish to achieve may not always be the healthiest weight for you. Despite your ambitions to look how you did in your late teens, that weight may not be the best for optimal health and wellness. [Read more]

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Obesity and Depression

Posted: Jun 12 in Weight Loss by

Many people who are overweight or obese may find themselves struggling with depression as well. On the other hand, some people who struggle with depression find themselves unable to properly manage their weight. [Read more]

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Lose weight to reduce your risk of disease

Posted: Jun 02 in Weight Loss by

You probably already know that maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk for serious disease. [Read more]

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How Much Weight Should You Lose?

Posted: Jan 28 in Weight Loss by

Before you start planning how you’re going to lose weight, consider exactly how much weight you want, or need, to lose. [Read more]

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