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hormone loss

BHRT Improves Hormone Imbalance

Posted: Mar 05 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

BHRT can help to increase your energy levels, slow the aging process, and prevent or treat diseases that may result from a hormone imbalance in the body. [Read more]

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Testosterone Levels Drop with Weight Gain

Posted: Sep 27 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

A large collection of studies show that lower testosterone levels in men tends to correlate with excess weight. [Read more]

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Health Consequences of Hormone Imbalance

Posted: Apr 27 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

When the endocrine system is working optimally, hormones are released into the blood in correct proportions. [Read more]

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Accelerated Aging

Posted: Oct 29 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

It starts slowly - an extra body ache here, a lapse in memory there. Then, you begin to wonder how you ever managed without that afternoon nap. We all feel the effects of aging, but it tends to affect some people more than others. This process is called accelerated aging, and as it settles in, years of vitality slip away from you. [Read more]

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