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Think Ahead! Tips for Setting Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted: Sep 21 in Weight Loss by

Without the right planning in place, you might feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel when you think about reaching your goals. [Read more]

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HCG: Not another Fad Diet

Posted: Jul 31 in Weight Loss by

So many people push get-slim-quick diets that end up leaving you disappointed and often heavier than you were before you started. [Read more]

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Lose weight to reduce your risk of disease

Posted: Jun 02 in Weight Loss by

You probably already know that maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk for serious disease. [Read more]

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How Much Weight Should You Lose?

Posted: Jan 28 in Weight Loss by

Before you start planning how you’re going to lose weight, consider exactly how much weight you want, or need, to lose. [Read more]

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