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Is a Vitamin B Supplement Right for You?

Posted: Oct 22 in Health and Aging by

Are you getting enough B vitamins? B vitamins are vital to many of the body’s most important functions, yet despite their availability in certain foods, many people still don’t get enough to maximize their health benefits. Unlike other vitamins that are unique to themselves, there are a total of eight B vitamins, and together, they make up the vitamin B complex. [Read more]

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Treating your Joints Right

Posted: Jun 17 in Health and Aging by

In the U.S., more than 27 million adults have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA). It is the most common joint disease in the world - one that is hallmarked by the joint pain that is, at times, severe. Treating your joints right can minimize the pain so that you can maintain mobility and independence in spite of your diagnosis. The tips below can help, though you should always consult with your physician. [Read more]

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Maintaining Bone Density with Age

Posted: Nov 20 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Did you know that bone density testing can help you stay on top of your risk of osteoporosis? [Read more]

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10 Ways to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis

Posted: Nov 12 in Health and Aging by

Half of all women will have osteoporosis by age 60. One in five women will have a hip fracture in her lifetime, and 50% of them will never walk again. [Read more]

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Menopause Increases Risk of Osteoarthritis

Posted: Jan 07 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to the hardships that come with estrogen decline and menopause. [Read more]

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Menopausal Migraines

Posted: Sep 28 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Women suffer from migraines at a much higher rate than men, with females making up about 70 percent of migraine sufferers in the United States. [Read more]

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Health Consequences of Hormone Imbalance

Posted: Apr 27 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

When the endocrine system is working optimally, hormones are released into the blood in correct proportions. [Read more]

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