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Anti-Aging Medicine

3 Ways to Make It Easier to Meet Daily Activity Goals

Posted: Feb 09 in Weight Loss by

Adopting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. It seems there are always reasons to forego exercise for some other activity. By making exercise more enjoyable and making it a part of your routine, you can be more certain of getting in at least a bit every day. [Read more]

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How to Maintain Strong Hair and Nails

Posted: Nov 18 in Health and Aging by

Your nails and hair can reflect the state of your body’s overall health and nutritional makeup, whether it’s well-nourished or has biochemical imbalances. In order to achieve healthy hair and strong nails, it’s essential to get the proper nutrients to enhance their beauty from the inside out. [Read more]

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Your Skin and Aging: What You Need to Know

Posted: Nov 11 in Health and Aging by

For most of us, the first telltale signs of aging show up in our skin – and it’s no wonder: Our skin really takes a beating: exposed to sun, wind, dry air, and extreme fluctuations in temperature, not to mention nutritional and hormonal influences that contribute to aging skin. [Read more]

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Take Walks for Healthy Living

Posted: Nov 05 in Weight Loss by

A healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean you have to exercise for hours each day, but it does require some physical activity each day. A simple way to increase your exercise is to walk more often. Walking is a simple way to enjoy healthy living without taking unnecessary risks. [Read more]

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NES miHealth Provides Effective Biofeedback for Energizing Stress Release

Posted: Oct 30 in Health and Aging by

NES miHealth is a handheld biofeedback device that helps recharge your energy levels. The NES miHealth uses a non-invasive, highly effective approach to easing stress, releasing blocked energy, correcting energy flow within the body, and re-educating muscles, nerves and organs to improve overall health and well-being. [Read more]

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Is a Vitamin B Supplement Right for You?

Posted: Oct 22 in Health and Aging by

Are you getting enough B vitamins? B vitamins are vital to many of the body’s most important functions, yet despite their availability in certain foods, many people still don’t get enough to maximize their health benefits. Unlike other vitamins that are unique to themselves, there are a total of eight B vitamins, and together, they make up the vitamin B complex. [Read more]

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Elimination Diet to Remove Toxins

Posted: Aug 13 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

One of the simplest yet truest health-related aphorisms is this: “You are what you eat.” Quite simply, every food or beverage you consume has an effect on your body and your health, and every day, you could be making food choices that are having a very negative effect on your health and even your lifespan. [Read more]

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Treating your Joints Right

Posted: Jun 17 in Health and Aging by

In the U.S., more than 27 million adults have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA). It is the most common joint disease in the world - one that is hallmarked by the joint pain that is, at times, severe. Treating your joints right can minimize the pain so that you can maintain mobility and independence in spite of your diagnosis. The tips below can help, though you should always consult with your physician. [Read more]

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