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free radicals

Top 10 Herbs to Fight Free Radicals

Posted: Jun 30 in Functional Medicine by

Chances are there are a handful of herbs growing in your garden or hanging out in your spice cabinet that can help you improve your health by fighting free radicals. [Read more]

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Five Ways Stress Speeds Up Time

Posted: May 30 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Stress can disturb your health, ultimately causing many problems of aging to grow more severe and appear at a younger age. Here are five ways that stress can impact the way you age. [Read more]

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Save Your Skin This Summer

Posted: Jul 18 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Summertime is finally in full swing and as Rochester residents have already seen, it’s going to be a hot one. [Read more]

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Free Radicals, Antioxidants, and Anti Aging

Posted: Jul 12 in Health and Aging by

The word ‘antioxidants’ is thrown around a lot by marketers and experts in the health and anti aging industries. But do we know what they are, how they were, or where the best places to get them really are? [Read more]

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Aging From Inflammation and free radicals

Posted: Nov 29 in Health and Aging by

Inflammation is the body’s natural defense against infection, but an excess of inflammation can lead to more free radicals. An excessive amount of free radicals will cause more inflammation, leading to a vicious cycle and rapidly increased aging. [Read more]

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