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Stress Management

NES miHealth Provides Effective Biofeedback for Energizing Stress Release

Posted: Oct 30 in Health and Aging by

NES miHealth is a handheld biofeedback device that helps recharge your energy levels. The NES miHealth uses a non-invasive, highly effective approach to easing stress, releasing blocked energy, correcting energy flow within the body, and re-educating muscles, nerves and organs to improve overall health and well-being. [Read more]

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Be Anti-Stress during Anti-Aging Therapy

Posted: Jun 15 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Though stress isn’t something that can ever be eliminated entirely, stress reduction can be a valuable part of improving your health during anti-aging treatment. [Read more]

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Five Ways Stress Speeds Up Time

Posted: May 30 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Stress can disturb your health, ultimately causing many problems of aging to grow more severe and appear at a younger age. Here are five ways that stress can impact the way you age. [Read more]

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Yoga Provides Mental and Physical Benefits

Posted: May 15 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

For many people, yoga isn’t just a workout—it’s a way to feel and look younger for life. If you’ve never tried it, your anti-aging program may be the perfect time to start. [Read more]

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Combating Stress during Medical Weight Loss

Posted: Dec 27 in Weight Loss by

Everyone stresses. It is something that each of us experience in our own way, and it is for the best. In the right proportions, stress is actually a good thing. It motivates us to wake up in the morning, keeps us on our toes when we would otherwise give up and can even inspire you to take a leap of faith and make big changes in your life. It might have even been stress over your health and appearance that caused you to try medical weight loss in Rochester Hills. [Read more]

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When Depression Gets Worse

Posted: Nov 02 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Behavioral therapy and stress management are often the first line of treatment for depression, but it isn’t always possible for a person to overcome depression immediately during treatment. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors that can make existing depression worse. [Read more]

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Increased Stress Levels Causing Spurt of Health Problems

Posted: Oct 21 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

As a culture, Americans are more stressed out than ever before. Some experts have gone so far as to refer to anxiety as an epidemic in the United States. [Read more]

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