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Learning to Manage Diabetes

Posted: Feb 05 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

Diabetes is a chronic health condition, meaning that it is something that many people will struggle with over the course of several years—potentially even for the majority of their lives. Your functional medicine doctor can help you develop a plan for managing and overcoming your diabetes. [Read more]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup and Your Health

Posted: Oct 02 in Health and Aging by

Increasing evidence points to a connection between a common processed food ingredient and the rise in chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, obesity, and high cholesterol.
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Just Say NO to Sugar

Posted: May 04 in Functional Medicine by

Watch out big tobacco—there is another highly-addictive drug on the streets trailing closely behind you, and this one has detrimental health effects that are similar to yours with a slightly sweeter disposition to boot! [Read more]

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Lose weight to reduce your risk of disease

Posted: Jun 02 in Weight Loss by

You probably already know that maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk for serious disease. [Read more]

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