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Functional Medicine and Chronic Disease

Posted: Jan 08 in Functional Medicine by

When it comes to treating urgent or acute medical needs, the traditional western medical system has a pretty good system in place. Hospitals are available for urgent medical care around the clock, and doctors are trained in highly specific issues so they can diagnose, treat, and analyze those specific health concerns with expert perspective. [Read more]

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Exploring Functional Medicine

Posted: Sep 13 in Functional Medicine by

Traditional medicine tends to be disease centered. Functional medicine takes a whole-patient approach, and helps people maintain better health overall instead of just treating discrete illnesses. [Read more]

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What is Functional Medicine?

Posted: Jul 26 in Functional Medicine by

While functional medicine is a new term to many people, many of the ideas behind it have been around for some time. [Read more]

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Probiotics Aid in Functional Medicine Therapy

Posted: Oct 19 in Functional Medicine by

Most people are familiar with the word antibiotics, which describes an organism that kills unwanted bacteria in the body. [Read more]

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Functional Medicine offers new approach in treatment

Posted: Aug 06 in Functional Medicine by

Countless patients go to the doctor every year with a multitude of symptoms ranging from fatigue, head ache and joint pain, to muscle aches, insomnia and mood swings; only to be told that all of their tests are “normal.” [Read more]

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