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Maintaining Bone Density with Age

Posted: Nov 20 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Did you know that bone density testing can help you stay on top of your risk of osteoporosis? [Read more]

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Mood Swings and Menopause

Posted: Jul 31 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Changing hormones can make us feel emotionally unstable, while other menopause symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia can put a damper on anyone’s mood. [Read more]

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Handling Hot Flashes during Menopause

Posted: Jul 19 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Some women have hot flashes only for a short time during menopause, but others continue to experience them for the rest of their lives, [Read more]

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Feeling the Zzz’s During Menopause

Posted: Apr 23 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Chronic fatigue is one of the most common menopause symptoms. In Rochester Hills, women at all stages of menopause are seeking support to help them stay awake, but many are looking in the wrong place. Fatigue develops during menopause as a result of hormonal imbalances, and if you don’t do anything about it your drooping eyelids may hang around for years. [Read more]

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Easing Anxiety during Menopause

Posted: Apr 17 in Health and Aging by

When you hear people talk about menopause symptoms, physical issues often get the lion’s share of attention. But as you begin to experience the changes of menopause in Rochester Hills, you might notice more than just hot flashes and night sweats—one of the most common menopause symptoms is anxiety, which can have a serious impact on your quality of life. [Read more]

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Menopause Increases Risk of Osteoarthritis

Posted: Jan 07 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to the hardships that come with estrogen decline and menopause. [Read more]

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Sleep Better during Menopause

Posted: Nov 26 in Health and Aging by

Hot flashes and night sweats often keep menopausal women up all night, leading many to seek relief with hormone replacement therapy. [Read more]

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Is it Menopause?

Posted: Nov 08 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Many women go years struggling with the onset of menopause before seeking out treatment, but there is no reason to wait that long. [Read more]

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Menopausal Migraines

Posted: Sep 28 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Women suffer from migraines at a much higher rate than men, with females making up about 70 percent of migraine sufferers in the United States. [Read more]

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Tracking the Signs of Aging

Posted: Jun 21 in Anti-Aging Medicine by

Mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, fatigue and decreased sex drive are just a few of the most common symptoms of aging. [Read more]

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