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HCG: Not another Fad Diet

When it comes to losing weight, fad diets ruin things for everyone. So many people push get-slim-quick diets that end up leaving you disappointed and often heavier than you were before you started. You can avoid these diet scams and take charge of your weight loss by trying a physician supervised HCG program in Rochester.

Losing weight is a frustrating battle, and this is no secret. Companies know that a lot of weight loss hopefuls will do (and pay) a lot to finally be thin. That is why you see so many infomercials with celebrities and models who claim they lost weight this way and you can, too. What those commercials are not advertising is that most of those models are paid to tell you about that product. These are not true testimonies of weight loss, but instead are traps that may leave you feeling more vulnerable and discouraged than ever before.

Don’t Fall for the Tricks

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while then chances are you’ve heard all the tricks in the book, but it’s still good to have a quick refresher course now and then. Remember that losing weight healthily is the only way to sustain your weight loss long-term. Keep your head up and consider these tips to avoid unworthy fad diets.

When you hear these phrases, or any like them, it is a good cue to run the other way:

  • “Lose weight without diet or exercise!” This is impossible. Even if you were to pursue weight loss surgery, you would still need to manage your calories in and your calories out to lose weight. There is no trick in the book that can cut around these two healthy habits.
  • “Never diet again!” If losing weight is hard, keeping the weight off is often harder. Any diet that promises to be the last diet you will ever need is not telling you something. Even after you lose weight, you will need to manage your calories, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep it off.
  • “Weight loss for everyone!” This is never true because every person is unique. What works for you might not work for your mother, brother or spouse—so why would it work for a total stranger? To lose weight, you need a customized program that is tailored to your needs.
  • “Scientifically proven” or “Doctors’ top choice!” Hear this: if a weight loss regimen is a doctor’s best choice, then you will need to see that doctor to try it out. Medically supervised weight loss is the most efficient way to lose weight safely. If you want to know what the doctors think is best, call your weight loss doctor.

Instead of falling for these traps, consider the benefits of an HCG weight loss diet. With regular visits for support and motivation from the medical staff at Waller Wellness Center, you can stay on track and work towards your weight loss goal at a healthy and steady pace.

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