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Vegetables: Fresh or Frozen?

Posted: Jul 12 in Weight Loss by

Is a fresh veggie the same as a frozen veggie? Does the trip to the farmer’s market really make all the difference? These are questions that many a health advocate has asked themselves at least once. While it is convenient to have a freezer full of veggies that you know won’t go bad, the question remains whether those frozen vegetables are really going to give you the same nutrient boost as a freshly picked equivalent. [Read more]

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What Are Processed Foods?

Posted: Apr 08 in Weight Loss by

Processed foods refer to any type of food that has been altered in some way from its original state. When you are trying to lose weight, or improve your diet for any variety of other health reasons, then it is sometimes recommended to cut back on processed food intake. While the biggest problems in the processed food world might be rather obvious (frozen pizzas, hot pockets and canned raviolis might come to mind), these are hardly the only examples of processed foods that are sneaking their way into your diet. [Read more]

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The Buzz about Antioxidants

Posted: Feb 12 in Weight Loss by

Part of functional medicine is understanding the healthiest choices that you can make for full-body wellness. When you look at what this means in terms of dietary choices, fruits and vegetables are pretty high-up on the must-buy list. While fruits and veggies have long been known as the healthy champions of the grocery store, there are some items that have started getting even more attention thanks to their high level of antioxidants. [Read more]

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Tips on Going Gluten Free

Posted: Dec 08 in Weight Loss by

In the past five years the idea of going gluten free has gained a lot of publicity and attention from both sides of the aisle. There is always a fad diet that grabs people’s attention and marks an era in weight loss ideas, and some argue that this is what the gluten free industry is accommodating. [Read more]

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Eating Right Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Posted: Jun 09 in Weight Loss by

For many people, the thought of eating right can seem complicated and overwhelming. The truth is that eating healthy can be fairly simple once you understand the basics. [Read more]

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Calorie Basics: The Key to Weight Loss

Posted: May 07 in Weight Loss by

It doesn’t matter what the latest celebrity weight loss gurus say, the science behind losing weight is making sure calorie intake is less than calorie output. Consuming nutrients provides the body with energy for the metabolic process, which is measured in calories. Fats supply nine calories per gram, while proteins and carbohydrates contain a little less than half of that. While some diets stress proteins and fats and others recommend lots of carbs, dieting relies on making wise reductions in the total number of calories you eat. [Read more]

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Elimination Diet to Remove Toxins

Posted: Aug 13 in Lifestyle and Behavior by

One of the simplest yet truest health-related aphorisms is this: “You are what you eat.” Quite simply, every food or beverage you consume has an effect on your body and your health, and every day, you could be making food choices that are having a very negative effect on your health and even your lifespan. [Read more]

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Here Comes the Sunflower

Posted: Jun 03 in Weight Loss by

With a host of nutritional benefits, products made with sunflower seeds are becoming welcome alternatives Summer is here and with it comes one of nature’s most delicious flowers. Famous for their luminous color and towering stalks, sunflowers produce seeds that are commonly eaten as a salted snack, but did you know that sunflower seeds can […]

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Nutritional Intelligence

Posted: Oct 25 in Functional Medicine by

How much do you know about supplements? Questions like, “which ones”, “how many,” and “how often” usually top the list. If you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, or even under informed, don’t worry–you’re not alone There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing, purchasing, and using the right supplement to add to your diet. [Read more]

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Top 10 Herbs to Fight Free Radicals

Posted: Jun 30 in Functional Medicine by

Chances are there are a handful of herbs growing in your garden or hanging out in your spice cabinet that can help you improve your health by fighting free radicals. [Read more]

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